Valerian & better sleep

Everyone knows that a good night's sleep is of great importance. By sleeping well, you ensure that the body can build itself up properly and also recover when applicable. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to sleep well. Valerian is an ingredient that can help you sleep better. By using valerian, your body will be able to relax better and it will be easier to fall asleep.

Valerian and sleeping

Many people suffer from sleeplessness. This can have several causes. Stress, for example, plays an important role in this, but the physical condition is also leading in this. For instance, someone who is going through the transition or someone who suffers from ADHD often has sleeping problems. It is therefore not surprising that people like to be helped when it comes to sleeping problems. Valerian in a plant that was already used over two thousand years ago in ancient Greece. This herbaceous plant has always been a powerful remedy for people struggling with sleep problems. Since the discovery of the plant, it has actually never disappeared from the picture as a natural and safe remedy for sleeping problems.

Sleep problems

Everyone has to deal with not being able to sleep. This is of course an annoying problem, because you will certainly notice its effects the next day. You will feel listless and besides that, it is not so easy to remember important things. You may experience concentration problems and with some people irritation may even set in. These are unpleasant things that can be prevented by sleeping well. This is of course easier said than done and Valerian can help.

What exactly is valerian?

Valerian is also known by its Latin name, Valeriana Officinalis. In popular speech this plant is also known as catnip. The plant grows mainly in large parts of Europe and Asia. The root of the valerian plant is what it is all about. This root contains valerenic acid. This is a substance that works as a neurotransmitter in the nervous system. This substance can enter the body in different ways. The substance can be ingested, but there are also patches available that allow valerian to enter the body. The capsules and pills are often the least effective. This is because they consist mainly of synthetic substances which suppress the true effect of valerian.

Valerian and the nervous system

Signals are passed through the nerves and this provides a calming and soothing effect. As soon as the acid reaches the brain, contact is made with the GABA receptor. This is a very important receptor that ensures that muscles can relax and that restlessness and feelings of anxiety are reduced. Through this effect, valerian ensures that you will get more rest and that it will eventually lead to falling asleep faster.